Surreal Life

Walter Gabrielson Painter

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Laying Down a Primer Coat of Guilt

Complacency of Ritual

Why Me

A Fair and Right Distribution

Intimacy is for Mortals

Oh Listen Sister

A Tincture of Envy

Bountiful Gifts from Mother

Escaping Particles of Truth

Re Entry

A Thousand Curses Never Tore a Shirt

Chasing The Spider

Hubris of Delusion

Excitement of Oblivion


Baltic Tightrope

The Claims of Past and Present

True Love

Yellow Painting

WG by WG


The Burden of Truth

You May Destroy a Gift By Unwrapping It

Liar Liar

Flight of the Thin Crust

I've Got Mine

The Kiss

In Search of Logical Positivism

Napoleonic Code